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Care and Maintenance

Tile and stone are easy to clean and maintain, and with very little effort can look great for years. The safest way to clean your tile and stone is with clean, warm water. If using a cleaning product, be sure to read the label first to ensure it is appropriate for the type of material you are cleaning. We have a large selection of cleaning products available in our showroom and our client representatives can help you to find the one that meets your needs.


How to care for your ceramic and porcelain tile floor

A dry mop and simple wipe of spills with a damp cloth will keep ceramic tile clean. The periodic use of a mild detergent and clean water on a mop will help to maintain its beauty. At Pembroke Tile & Stone, we carry a number of cleaners for all types of ceramic and tile floor.



  • Seal unglazed tile
  • Use a broom or vacuum to remove dust, dirt & debris, especially prior to damp mopping
  • Use clean water with a mild detergent, if desired
  • Change water used for cleaning frequently to remove dirt and not just redistribute it.


Do Not

  • Use soap, it leaves a film, dulls the surface and promotes mildew
  • Use acids (including vinegar) or ammonia on tile
  • Use an abrasive material such as steel wool to clean your tile
  • Clorox or other bleach products as it can yellow grout and leaves a sticky film


Products available at Pembroke Tile & Stone Co. Ltd.

  • Sparks
  • Miracle Sealants